Consultation and treatment

Once veterinary consent has been obtained then I can perform massage on your dog.

The first treatment with me will last approximately 1.5hours. It will enable me to get to know you and your dog, as well as ask a few questions to gain information on daily living activities, exercise, diet, previous injuries/surgeries and any medical conditions. I will then perform a gait and postural analysis and a palpation to identify any areas of tension, injury, adhesions, trigger points and myofascial pain.

I will then perform massage using various techniques to address the areas of issue or tension in your dog’s muscles.

I will then finish by explaining to you my findings, as well as making any recommendations to help improve your dog’s comfort and rehabilitation.

Subsequent treatment sessions last for approximately 1 hour and consist of a follow up from the previous session, as well as gait and postural analysis, palpation and massage.

I aim to see improvements in your dog within 3 sessions. However, if this is not the case I will refer your dog back to Vet.